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Khalid Says He Never Had S*x In The House, Says It Was Aggressive Kissing

Newly evicted housemate, Khalid says the viral video of himself and his love interest Daniella, under the sheets, is not what the viewers think it is.

Khalid Says He Never Had S*x In The House, Says It Was Aggressive Kissing
Daniella and Khalid

In an interview teaser making the rounds with media personality Victoria Eze (Miz Vick), Khalid denied having s*x on the show.

”My body is a temple. It was just aggressive kissing on the show. We didn’t forget the cameras but I didn’t neglect my feelings,” the season seven housemate stated.


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Just last week, The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) condemned the “under the duvet” moments between BBNaija housemates Khalid and Daniella.

Director Ishaq Akintola, in an interview with Vanguard, said he can’t make any Shari’a pronouncement on Khalid because “whatever anybody is doing on BBNaija is haram.”

Khalid, who observes Muslim daily prayers in the BBNaija house, had earlier expressed his disapproval over alcohol.

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He had also told Daniella that if she continued drinking alcohol, he would have to end his relationship with her because of his religion.

Akintola, while speaking on the housemate’s recent on-screen stunt, argued that MURIC has called on the federal government to ban BBNaija.

He said it is unfortunate that leaders and people do not listen when cases affect the morality of the nation.

“I have no comment concerning Khalid. Whatever anybody is doing in BBNaija is haram, BBNaija itself; the whole of it. So, it’s not about the aspect of alcohol,” the cleric said.

“I was part of a group that went to court to stop BBNaija, but the system continues to encourage BBNaija, some of our people in the media, and journalists continue to encourage them because there’s money there.

Nigeria worships money and then we are destroying our youths, who are watching this show and there are some irresponsible parents, too, who are watching and encouraging their children to watch it.” 

Daniella and Khalid were seen making love under the duvet on Sunday August 7th.

The video has since gone viral and stirred reactions online. Some fans took to their social media pages calling out both housemates for having s*x barely few weeks into the show.

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