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KFC Reveals The KFConsole, A Gaming PC That Keeps Your Food Warm

Food and gaming are things that go hand-in-hand for a lot of people, and KFC, the fast-food chain focused on chicken, seems to know that. The company has introduced the KFConsole, which it’s launching in partnership with Cooler Master, and it’s a PC that can run intensive games, but it also promises to keep your chicken warm while you play.


The defining feature of the KFConsole is its food tray. You can store food in a drawer-like compartment, the Chicken Chamber, that seems to take up most of the space on the machine, and it will be warm as long as it’s inside it. This is naturally separated from the PC components so that they can run cool.

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In order to stay relatively compact, the PC is based on Intel’s NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element, similar to Razer’s Tomahawk PC that launched earlier this month. There are a few variants of this NUC, but they all pack Intel’s 9th-generation H-series processors, up to a Core i9-9980HK. KFC doesn’t say which version it’s using in its machine, though. In addition to that, the machine uses SSD storage, apparently using both NVMe and 2.5-inch drives from Seagate, and the GPU is swappable, with support for at least some variant of Nvidia GeForce RTX cards. The official website seems confident that the console supports 240fps and 4K displays, so it would appear that some high-performance GPUs are supported.


KFC is far from clear on when (or if) this will actually be available to buy, but most can probably agree that a KFC gaming PC wasn’t something anyone was expecting to ever see. We’ll have to wait and see if the company shares more details in the near future.



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