You are currently viewing Kenya Nuclear Agency Submits Plan For A $5 Billion Power Plant, Operational By 2027

Kenya Nuclear Agency Submits Plan For A $5 Billion Power Plant, Operational By 2027

The nuclear agency in Kenya has filed a report that contains studies for an operational $5 billion nuclear power plant to be completed by 2027/2028.


According to a Bloomberg Africa report, the document is still not yet approved and the public is still examining it. However, the plans are already in motion ahead of the National Environment Management Authority’s approval.


In fact, there is a Nuclear Power and Energy Agency report on the environmental regulator’s website that claims that the government is looking to multiply its nuclear-power capacity four times by 2035.


The agency has chosen the Tana River County as the choicest spot for the plant. This area was formally the Coast Province of Kenya and has a population of approximately 315,943 people.

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It seems that Kenya is in a race against time to ensure that it can meet up with increasing demand for electricity. The country projects that by 2031, power demand will be above 22,000 megawatts. This is because industrial activities will increase in the coming years as well.


Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had opened up in April 2020 that he wants to improve the generation capacity from 2,712 megawatts. Kenya’s Nuclear Power and Energy Agency are still considering different nuclear technologies to pick the most suitable for the country.


Additionally, the nuclear plant in Kenya will be built under a concessionaire contract. Thus, an international company will build it after entering a contract with the government on to operate and transfer it.


Renewable energy is getting more attention as more people are turning to it as a form of reliable electrical energy.


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