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Kendrick Lamar Reveals Why It Takes Him “So Long” To Make An Album

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American rapper Kendrick Lamar in a recent interview with his rapper cousin, Baby Keem spoke extensively on the processes of his album making.Kendrick Lamar

He also revealed why it takes him time to cook up a new album, one his fans have been requesting for a while now.

I can see from the outside in that people think that it’s overnight. I remember when I came out on my first album, people thought it was overnight, but it was years on top of years of doing it. And that dedication counts man, that’s the fire part about it. When I heard your music then and when I hear it now, I hear an unapologetic young nigga, the hunger of a young nigga, looking for fun, the same way we were looking for fun when I was 19.”

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When Keem asked what was Kendrick Lamar’s biggest growth since his album “Die for my Bitch” to now he says:

“Die for my Bitch was a breakthrough, it really gave me a chance to play with my sounds and open up the lane to grow in confidence.


“I get it, that’s what will take me so long to do albums (laughs), i spend the whole year just thinking about how I’m gonna execute a new sound, I can’t do the same thing over and over. I need something to get me excited, see you get frustrated sometimes because you want some new sh*t.


Because people don’t know that you on some new s**t till you start doing new s**t. And if you can’t do the new s**t then they ain’t gonna know that you on the new s**t and they’ll keep asking for old s**t, but I think everybody knows now that I’m on some completely different sh*t”


Read the full interview o I.D Magazine HERE



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