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Keen By Google May Be The Company’s Answer To Its Social Media Failures

Google recently launched Keen, a social media platform that helps users to chase their interests in various topics. Many experts already compare it to Pinterest as it works with the same concept of using AI to compile topics for users using their web activities.


Armed with Google’s search engine ability, it is possible that Keen will rival Pinterest in no time. That is if it stays around long enough. This is because Google has not done well with social media projects in the past.


In May 2020, the company had shut down its Shoelace programme citing strain that managing the coronavirus pandemic caused as its reason. Even before Shoelace, Google had also tried Schemer and Google+, yet, they had all failed.


According to Keen’s landing page, Google’s internal Area 120 and PAIR had been in charge of creating the social media platform. Using the app, which has a mobile version and a web version, users can create a Keen; which is like a page. To do this, all one has to do is create a title on the Keen app and save related web searches. This gets them a feed with new things to explore.

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“Keen helps you expand your interests and connect them with other people,” the description says.


You can also curate what you see by saving and adding links, text, images, and web searches. With every new addition, the Keen algorithm improves your search window. Additionally, you can collaborate with friends by inviting them. With these, you can build a community of users that share your ideas.


Keen By Google May Be The Company's Answer To Its Social Media Failures
Screenshot of Keen feed.


Keen uses the large Google Search index and combines this with user feedback to provide personalised recommendations. The more you use Keen, the more your interests expand and search results improve.


Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that focuses on providing users with search activities related to their interests and hobbies. Thus, it would be interesting to see Keen compete for users.


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