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Kate Henshaw Warns Mothers Against Bleaching Their Babies

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Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has warned women against bleaching their babies.


In a post on Instagram, the actress advised Spa owners to leave babies out of the “madness” of bleaching. She then concluded that there is nothing to glow in their bodies.


Kate Henshaw Warn Mothers Against Bleaching Their Babies


See her post below:


This post comes a few days after a viral video of a new bleaching procedure hit the internet.


In the video, a lady is seen lying half-n***d in a bathtub filled with possibly a chemical. A spa attendant uses a brush to peel the skin of the client. She describes the procedure as a fast way to skin washing.


Also, she stated that it is quite cheap, as clients can go home looking transformed at the price of ₦20,000.



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This video presently has over 4.3 million views on Twitter with users afraid of the dangers of undergoing such a procedure.


What is the rationale behind skin bleaching or, as the spa attendant called it, “instant lightening wash”? Is the aim to look more beautiful or attractive to the male folk?


We hope mothers will pay attention to Kate Henshaw’s advice on skin bleaching and ensure to protect their children from this act that can destroy their skin from a tender age.


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