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#Justiceforkiddwaya: Is The BBNaija Show Losing Its Credibility?

BBNaija organisers are supposed to be neutral but a recent article on their website says they may already have a fave.


The season 5 of the show kicked off three weeks back and as usual, the drama began to unfold from day one. This season however seems to be uncharacteristically bedeviled with love interests, triangles, and relationships which ardent viewers have since coined “ships”.


First, we saw Eric and Lilo’s ship which took off right from day one of reality TV show opening. This ship was not smiled upon favourably by viewers and we can only deduce Eric and Lilo didn’t give them ( viewers) a chance to choose if they wanted the ship or not before they sailed off to the world of on-screen romance. Then there’s the exasperating love triangle between Nengi, Dorathy, and Ozo which have viewers frothing in the mouth.


Honorable mention to Wathoni, Tolanibaj, and Prince’s love triangle, another source of headache to their fans who can’t wait for them to really figure out their issues. More recently and most predominant is the unsettling situation between Erica, Laycon, and Kiddwaya.


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Apparently, Laycon is smitten with the fair-skinned damsel, Erica but the feeling is not mutual. Erica has said she’s only “mentally” attracted to him and chooses the brawny, smooth talker ad rich-kid Kiddwaya over him. The duo have been seen locking lips and engaging in stormy make-out sessions, much to the chagrin of Laycon.


It’s understandable that a spurned Laycon will have a hard time recovering especially being stuck in the same confined space with his love interest, Erica.

What is curious, however, is the organisers of the show taking the side of who is obviously the underdog, Laycon, to portray Kiddwaya as a potential s*xual predator on their website.

We’ll reel you in for context.

Things came to a hilt last night during their weekly Saturday night party. Erica who had too much to drink danced between the two men in her radar, paying special attention to grinding on love-struck Laycon. After the party ended, she went away with Kiddwaya but Laycon was under the impression that the Benue-born will take advantage of inebriated Erica and he, like a knight in shining armor, needed to defend her honour. He said as much to fellow housemate Praise, who tried to calm him down.


BBNaija, the hosts towed the same line as well. An article on host TV Channel, Africa Magic’s website left little to imagination.


Take a look at the man Erica has chosen to give her heart to, Kiddwaya. He’s been a serial flirt and even though she was one of his targets, she wasn’t his first choice like she was for Laycon” the piece read in part.


Many ardent followers of the show have taken this to mean BBNaija is inherently rooting for Laycon and probably already have him pegged as their winner. The following lines went on to praise Laycon as a man of respect and consent, implying the other was lacking in that aspect.

See the post herekiddwaya laycon erica

They’ve since deleted the posted after Kiddwaya’s handler reacted to the slander.

They also tendered what many have described as a lukewarm apology.

Fans of the show are however not having it and are already questioning the credibility of the widely popular show. This has birthed the hashtag #justiceforkiddwaya which is currently trending on twitter.

See some of their reactions

While the conversations continue unabated outside the house, the two oblivious lovebirds picked off from where they left last night and have continued their romance, much to the delight of their “shippers.”

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