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Juliet “Love From Julez” Olanipekun Schools Like An Expert On Crinkle Pleats

When it comes to fashion, you need to have heard of Juliet Love From Julez Olanipekun. She is the queen of layering that has taken the fashion game to the trendy level. With the crinkle pleats gaining wave in the fashion scene, trust Julez to jump on the opportunity to stay on trend.



(Photo: Instagram / Lovefromjulez)


The crinkle pleats trend has been popularised by Japanese designer, Issey Miyake.


These pleats come in either chiffon or silk and can be worn effortlessly. It can be worn as a skirt, dress or pants. But as seen on the layering queen, Julez, it’s more versatile than that.



(Photo: Instagram / Lovefromjulez)


She gives a very modern and unique take on the crinkle pleated ruffle look by switching from skirts to kimonos, co-ords and frilled dresses in different hues. Julez is one feminine diva, and we love everything about her.



(Photo: Instagram / Lovefromjulez)


While they can be worn in silk or chiffon, there are also options of cotton fabric. The main goal is to gain the stretchy and crinkle effect as seen in what Julez adorns in.


(Photo: Instagram / Lovefromjulez)


The fit of the fabric hugs the skin and makes the look more breezy. If you want a comfortable-yet-futuristic look, then opt for this wardrobe staple.


You can buy some of her looks from Shop from Julez.

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