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Josh2funny Reveals Why He Lived With An Undisclosed Ailment For 11 Years

Famous Nigerian skit maker Joshua Alfred, aka Josh2funny, has revealed that money was not the reason he lived with an undisclosed ailment for 11 years.

Josh2funny Reveals Why He Lived With An Undisclosed Ailment For 11 Years

Just last week, the comedian took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself lying in a hospital bed. In his caption, Josh2funny revealed that he has been living in pain for the past 11 years.

He also disclosed that he was recovering from surgery while thanking his doctors and family.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Josh2funny said he lived with the ailment so it can get to the stage where it would be appropriate to go for surgery.

“There are some ailments that take very long to get to the stage where they can be got rid of. Although I had been treating it over the years and money was not the problem, it required enough time. However, I am glad I am now rid of it.”

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Refusing to mention the name of the ailment, the comedian said, “I prefer not to reveal the nature of the ailment, please. I would like to keep that to myself. I am just glad I survived it.”

He was also full of praise for his wife, whom he said supported him wholeheartedly.

My wife gave me all the support a woman can give her husband. She encouraged me and bolstered my confidence all through the process. My wife never gave up on me; she has always been by my side.”

Josh2funny is one of Nigeria’s biggest trendsetters in Nigeria’s creative industry.  He portrays several characters in his skits which include, Bro Zakius, Tunde Tupac, Agro, Mama Felicia, Juga, Optununu and has an ingenious way of meandering from one character to another.


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