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Join Stand To End R@pe Initiative’s Group Therapy Session This 25th May

Stand to End R**e Initiative (STER) has devised a platform where r**e survivors can be heard. This is a platform for r**e survivors to speak out in a group therapy session while receiving medical aid. It’s called the “STER Listen Project”.




The STER initiative started with the intent to advocate against s****l violence. They have over the years helped r**e victims survive the ordeal, and also gotten justice for them. Stand to End R**e Initiative helps to educate people on the need to end r**e and victim blaming.


One of their successful campaigns was “Behind The Smile”. A number of people were able to come out of the closet and share their story. They also got healing and support from the youth-led nonprofit organisation, STER.




While they still drive to ensure that adequate punishment is meted against perpetrators, they have organised yet another project. The Group therapy session aims to provide an interactive psychosocial platform for r**e survivors to voice out and receive healing. Through this support network, they seek to give therapy from a group of professional counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.


The session will take place once a month in Lagos. It’s also free and open to only female victims.


To be part of the session, you can register here.

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