You are currently viewing Johnny Depp Reportedly Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Johnny Depp Reportedly Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

The Attorneys of Actress Amber Heard claims that Johnny Depp is suffering from erectile Dysfunction

Johnny Depp Reportedly Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

And this is according to a sealed court document from the law suit case against the actress

In a March 28 filing, the actress’ legal team claimed that her ex-husband’s alleged aggressive behavior may have been influenced by the alleged medical condition.

“Though Mr. Depp would rather not disclose his erectile dysfunction condition, such condition absolutely is relevant to s****l violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and use of a bottle to r**e Amber Heard,” the documents alleged.

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However Johnny Depp has constantly denied ever r****g or physically abusing his ex-wife

Which further led to his suing her for defamation of character

Heard’s lawyers went on to claim that Depp’s supposed penile problem

would make it “more probable” that he would become “angry or agitated”

in encounters with the “Aquaman” star and cause him to “resort to a bottle.”

The unsealed documents also revealed text message exchanges between Depp and Marilyn Manson

who similarly has been accused of and denied s****l abuse

as well as the “Edward Scissorhands” star’s attempt to bring up his ex-wife’s “brief stint as an exotic dancer” at trial.

The jury ultimately awarded Depp $15 million over claims he was defamed by a 2018 Washington Post op-ed

in which Heard made allegations of s****l violence.

She was also awarded $2 million over her claims that Depp’s lawyer had made false and damaging comments about her.

Meanwhile Johnny Depp or his team are yet to reply to these allegations

is it indeed true that the “Pirate of the Caribbean Star” can’t get it up?



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