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Jeff Bezos Plans To Give Away His 124 Billion-Dollar Wealth

— Jeff Bezos plans to give away is $124 billion fortune to fight climate change and division in America.
— He has given $100 million to charities picked by Dolly Parton and $1 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund.

World’s second-richest person, Jeff Bezos, has revealed that he plans to give away most of his wealth, which amounts to $124 billion as of recent estimates.

This revelation came in an interview with CNN over the weekend, where Bezos said most of it would go to fighting climate change and supporting societal unifiers.

While he did not reveal details like timelines and specific amounts, he said that individuals working to fight division in American politics and public life stood to benefit from his giveaway plan. Although, he confessed that there would be a challenge in doing the disbursement in a levered way.

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It is not clear if he has already begun giving his wealth away, but CNBC mentioned that he and his partner, Lauren Sanchez, were donating $100 million to charities chosen by pop legend Dolly Parton. Also, he had made a similar move in 2021 when he donated to charities picked by CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres. In 2020, he promised $10 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund, and donated $947 million to the initiative within a year.

Bezos is the latest billionaire to reveal that he is giving away his wealth. Some months ago, former number one, Bill Gates had made the same promise. However, the difference between the two billionaires is that Gates has been publicly involved in several charitable causes for over a decade.

Despite their pledges, Jeff Bezos and Gates remain in the top five richest persons in the world. Even Warren Buffet, who began the charity cause, Giving Pledge, with Bill Gates, is still the fifth richest person in 2022.

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