You are currently viewing Iyabo Ojo Dragged For Unfollowing Princess Over Halimah Interview

Iyabo Ojo Dragged For Unfollowing Princess Over Halimah Interview

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, is currently being dragged on the streets of social media, after she unfollowed comedienne Princess on Instagram

Iyabo Ojo Dragged For Unfollowing Princess Over Halimah Interview
Iyabo Ojo and Princess

Why you may ask? Well let’s unveil the backlog of gist that led to the unfollowing

Over the weekend, Popular blog, Gistlover held a bombshell Live interview with Actress Halima Abubakar

who spilled deep secrets about Apostle Johnson Suleman

And being that the face behind gistlover is unknown, He or she then invited Comedienne Princess to join the live as the interviewer

Meanwhile half way into the interview, Iyabo Ojo’s name was mentioned

and suddenly Princess backed out of the interview, after she received a call from the actress

She then wrote to the blog that she couldn’t continue with the interview as she is currently on call with Iyabo Ojo

If you are wondering why Princess had to end the interview,

then recall how Iyabo was one of the few celebrities whi stood by her, during her case with baba Ijesha?

So let’s just call this a solidarity or perhaps a pay back for the good done in the past

Now back to present, in a since deleted post, Iyabo Ojo wrote;

“Princess betrayed and was disloyal to me by letting Gistlover know that I called her on phone while Halima’s interview about Apostle Suleman was ongoing”.

In another since deleted post, Iyabo stated that the incident was an eyeopener for her as she has learnt a lesson in the hardest way.

She vowed that one shouldn’t take a bullet or risk his life for anyone, but when they turn around, it hurts differently.

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“O re ni wan…. I have learned this in the hardest ways… Never inherit anyone’s energy, never risk your life or take a bullet for no one & nobody.

Never go beyond & above for anyone…

Bcos when you do & they turn around & stab you… It hurts differently.

It’s ok to help, but with great caution”.

Meanwhile, her posts has already sparked an outrage within members of the online community

“With all the pressure Princess was on that interview day with Halima, she still ignored all the questions that bothers about Iyabo,

obviously if she did ask Halima, Halima will surely pure out that day cos Halima Dey vex,

what does Iyabo want? Stella Otobo mentioned her name that time, her name Don come out this time,

Goldmyne TV posted something overnight about her but quickly deleted it,

why calling Princess when you obviously knew she was on IG Live ? Something doesn’t seem to be right” One Wole criticized

One Shola wrote “So all those I stand with princess na Oju aye, u Dey wait to get favour in return , she obviously avoided all d questions about iyabo ,

na guilty conscience wan finish u iyabo…Ola Oba lo je oo cos u be Oba wife”

Iyabo Ojo Dragged For Unfollowing Princess Over Halimah Interview
Photo of Princess Stopping The Interview due to Iyabo Ojo’s call

Iyabo Ojo Dragged For Unfollowing Princess Over Halimah Interview
Iyabo Ojo’s post on Betrayal

Meanwhile a current check on Iyabo Ojo’s socials shows that she is now following Princess again, perhaps the relationship has now been repaired.




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