You are currently viewing It’s Happening: PlayStation 5 Officially Has Apple Music Streaming App

It’s Happening: PlayStation 5 Officially Has Apple Music Streaming App

Apple Music has finally launched on the PlayStation 5 after making some appearances in some gamers consoles a while ago. The music streaming app is currently rolling out globally to all owners.

Apple Music now available on the Sony PlayStation 5 - news

Sony has laid out how to set up the music streaming app on its console here. It also listed countries where this new feature is supported.

There have been reports of Apple Music showing on some users Playstation 5 consoles. Spotify has been the only available streaming app on the Sony console platform, until now.

Apple Music Seems To Be Coming To Sony's PlayStation 5

Gamers saw a preview of the app on their console, although not functional at that time. A Reddit user posted a picture that shows the Apple streaming app showing in the Playstation 5 music menu.

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The user tried connecting his new account on the PlayStation 5 with Spotify when this happened. Well, he wasn’t able to use the app though.  But the Apple Music was displaying “This app is playable only on PS4,” is an error code that Eurogamers shows that the app isn’t available.

PlayStation 5 announcement: specs, hardware, and design - The Verge

We anticipated Apple will announce the Apple Music app for PlayStation 5 in its 18, October 2021 hardware event. But that didn’t happen, Apple music app will allow its users to play music in the background while they play games.

Sony says that you can listen to music while playing compatible PS5 and PS4 games on a PS5 console. Although, available artists and tracks may vary according to location.


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