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Israeli Intelligence Purchase Testing Kits From Hostile Nations In Undercover Mission

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Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is mobilising the country’s intelligence agencies to help contain the coronavirus outbreak. The effort has involved undercover purchasing of testing kits from and the use of antiterrorism phone-tracking technology to map infections.


Netanyahu’s office said in a statement that “Mossad and other agencies” brought in the “required and vital equipment” from abroad to help deal with the coronavirus crisis.


“We are fully utilising all the state’s capabilities to assist in dealing with the coronavirus, including Mossad and other bodies,”  the statement read. The statement also claims that the equipment it got was essential. Thus squashing reports that the kits may have been unusable.


News outlets in Isreal citing government and health officials say that the secrecy of the operation was because the kits were acquired from at least two countries that do not have good public relations with Israel. The two countries are unnamed and the Israeli government couldn’t openly buy the equipment because of the diplomatic hostility between the nations.


Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu tackles coronavirus.   Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90
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Israeli website Ynet quoting the health ministry deputy director-general, Itamar Grotto says swabs needed to take the required samples from the nose or the back of the throat were missing from the kits.

Israel to increase coronavirus testing capabilities

Israel intends to increase its testing capabilities to track and control the spread of the coronavirus. It plans to carry about 3000 tests daily on its close to 9 million population.


The country is mobilizing its military-run hotels to isolate people it suspects of contracting the coronavirus. Israel has confirmed 530 cases of the virus. It has shut down schools, cafes, and malls. It also barred tourists from entering its borders.


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