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Is Your Next Device Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 10?

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Yesterday, August 7, 2019, Samsung announced the new Note 10. Introducing it alongside the Note 10 Plus and its new S Pen. Significantly, this phone is the first Samsung Note device without a headphone jack. The unveiling event had Samsung announce some great features this device possesses. This is even as they announce other devices.

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Earlier, Samsung had announced some of the charging features of the Note 10. They said it had Intelligent Battery, Superfast Charge, Wireless PowerShare, the next-generation S Pen, and so much. more.” In a more detailed expose, Samsung says the new Note 10 will come with increased batteries, Dynamic AMOLED displays, in-screen fingerprint sensors, and three back cameras.

The regular Note 10 is smaller than most of the other notes, however still bigger than the S10. It has a 6.3-inch screen while Note 10 Plus is slightly larger with 6.8 inches. The Note 10 Plus comes with an extra DepthVision camera that can scan objects in 3D. The objects can afterward be printed as a 3D file or turned into interactive avatars.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus & 5G

The phones come in a really beautiful variety of colours along with a special edition that has a shimmery finish. Gaming capabilities is also something that Samsung is introducing on this phone. Users can automatically connect to the game-chat app, Discord to interact with friends in the Game Launcher app.

Instead of a headphone jack, the Note 10 will come with USB-C headphones included in the box. However, customers will be able to buy an adapter that will cost 10 dollars (approximately ₦3,620) separately.

Galaxy Note 10
The Special Edition Galaxy Note 10

The devices are now available for pre-order with the Note 10 carrying a price tag of $949 (approximately ₦344,000) and the Note 10 Plus at $1,099 (approximately ₦398,000). The first set of users will have their devices shipped on August 23, 2019. The devices are also available for pre-order through the Microsoft store.

These two are technically not the Galaxy Note 10 that was unveiled on August 7, 2019. There is a third Galaxy Note 10 but this one is the 5G variant. The 256Gb Note 10 5G will have a starting price of $1,300 (approximately ₦471,000). This device is essentially a modified version of the Note 10 Plus when it comes to size and specs. However, it will only be useful in regions where service providers already roll out the 5G technology.

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