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Is Primitive Technology The New Cool?

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Primitive Technology was introduced by an Australian man named John Plant. Via his YouTube channel, he demonstrates the process of making tools and buildings using materials found in the wild.

The original channel, which has since gained over nine million subscribers, has gotten over 600 million views. The idea of primitive technology is to make things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. It is a strict rule.

The term is a genre of YouTube videos, usually 15 minutes long, that show how to build things without any influence from the modern world. What we would probably call backward technology. The videos teach survival skills.

Swimming pools made using primitive technology
Swimming pools made using primitive technology

John Plant explains that he does this as a hobby to stay fit. The point is to see how far you can go without modern technology. It’s interesting how it is called technology as it solely has to do with working with things from the wild.

Check out this instruction video with over 61 million views on how to make a tilted roof using primitive technology.

They also have an active online community that discusses the latest videos.

Would you consider joining the primitive technology community?

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