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Is Nigeria Ready for 5G Technology?

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Is Nigeria Ready for 5G?

Popular female disc jockey, DJ Cuppy was on Instagram recently to proclaim herself the very first owner of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S10plus.

Samsung Nigeria also held an event in Lagos the day after the Unpacked 2019 event that introduced the latest range of its technologically advanced products.

This phone is not going to be available for sale until June – it is only available now for pre-order, this means that the device is going to hit the Nigerian market pretty soon.

The race towards 5G technology is one that is getting a lot of attention all over the world as it seems most of the mobile phone brands had 5G phones as their flagship devices at the World Mobile Conference (WMC2019)  in Barcelona.

From Nokia introducing its five-camera Pure View device to Huawei’s Foldable Mate X and Xiaomi’s super flexible foldable Mi 9 (these are just a few from brands familiar to Nigerians), we cannot deny that the competition is stiff.

The pressing question worth answering, however, is: are we ready for these advanced gadgets?

Indeed, 4G technology is only just getting popular among mobile phone providers and, to be honest, we cannot say we have gotten the best of it yet so, are we ready to embrace 5G?

A lot of mobile phone providers are probably only just helping us maximize 3G internet speed so what is the point of owning a 5G phone at this point?

Interestingly, Nigeria will probably still be a huge market for these products especially considering the aspirational nature of Nigerians, many will naturally get these gadgets as a status symbol than for functionality.

This is not the first time we will be doing this, remember when iPhones became a thing in Nigeria and internet providers had no data plan for it, we still carried it with pride even though it was practically useless.

5G technology is one that is still work in progress even in the United States. This was revealed after President Donald Trump made a tweet challenging America to explore not only 5G technology but 6G as well.


Experts explained after this tweet went viral that they aren’t even thinking of 6G technology yet. But if Trump is worried that America is lagging behind, especially as Apple is yet to reveal any 5G phones, is Nigeria anywhere close to being capable of effectively consuming this technology?

The jury is still out on that…

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