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Is M**********n Bad For Your Health?

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While there’s been a moral and scientific clash over the years, we’ll let you decide. M**********n is when a person stimulates their genitals for s****l pleasure. This may or may not result in orgasm. Similarly, it is a private s****l activity that many are afraid to discuss among friends.


For this reason, many find themselves caught up in self-gratification, unaware of the health implications. There’s a lot that’s left unsaid about masturbating that we need to address.




Myths surrounding m**********n

For instance, not all m**********n is equal. Just like drugs, there are some who become addicted and do it excessively. This may result in many side-effects that can be detrimental to the health. According to sexologist, Logan Levkoff, “If you masturbate many times a day, and you’re missing work or giving up on s*x with your partner because of it, consider seeing a s*x therapist.”


Also, the myths surrounding m**********n have caused unnecessary worry amongst many who have indulged in the act. Most people caught up in self-pleasure are men. While they are more prone to either chiding away from talking about it or even openly discussing it, find out all you need to know about its side-effects in the video below.


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