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Is It Time To Turn To Robots To Stop Coronavirus? Lessons From The Wuhan Smart Field Hospital

Countries all around the world are in the death grip of the coronavirus and while social distancing is advised, so long as the virus remains alive, no one is really safe. However, China recently did something remarkable; it opened a field hospital in Hongsha Sports Center in Wuhan that is run by robots.


While China is getting a grip on the coronavirus spread, it still has some sick patients. To keep these patients alive and help them recover, the health workers have to keep working themselves to the bone. Yet, there is only so much they can do.


To solve the issue of exhaustion among health workers, the country is opening a field hospital staffed by robots. This health facility is located in the epicenter of the coronavirus. The Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, China Mobile and CloudMinds all came together to create this project.


Robots and IoT devices carried out most of the medical services in the hospital. 5G thermometers checked patients and would alert hospital staff if anyone had high fever symptoms.


Patients also wore smart bracelets and rings that were connected to CloudMind’s AI platform. This monitors temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Robots also delivered necessary items like food, drinks and medicine to patients as well.

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These automated systems also take care of information and entertainment dispensing. They also spray disinfectants and clean floors.


While this hospital is still experimental, it is a good move from the Chinese government. Also, other countries have been using robots in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


For example, Spain has used drones to monitor citizens during lockdowns. South Korea has also deployed drones to disinfect areas that are the virus’ hotspots. Even in Japan, they were used to deliver medical samples and quarantine materials as well.


coronavirus robots
UVD Robots in a hospital room. Photo: ZDNet.


A Denmark robotics company, UVD Robots is also using disinfection robots to combat the virus. These robots emit powerful ultraviolet light that can tear apart strands of virus DNA, thus decontaminating surfaces.


Other countries can take lessons from the few examples already mentioned. Using robots that in themselves cannot carry infections, will help stem the spread of the coronavirus. Also, they will prove to be valuable assistants to health workers in these times.


Some ways they can make use of these techs in battling coronavirus include:


— Ask patients to use wearable techs that keep track of their health.

— Monitor crowded areas through phone location features.

— Keep citizens updated by posting real-time data online.

— Supply necessary sustenance materials as well as medical supplies.


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