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Iranian Hackers Create Android Malware To Compromise 2FA Security

A group of Iranian hackers have created an Android malware that can compromise 2FA security by intercepting and stealing codes sent via SMS.


Two-factor authentication or 2FA security protocols are one of the most secure ways to use the internet. Especially, when it concerns account security. With 2FA activated, even if a hacker compromises you password, they can’t access your account.


This is because, once a person tries to log into a 2FA-protected account, a code is sent by SMS to the owner’s phone. The code is what grants the access.


However, this is about to change. According to a security firm, Check Point, a group of hackers in Iran have found their way around this wall. The firm only says that the group has been active for about six years and have been doing some operations in Iran against some notable organisations.

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This hacking group specialise in malware on Windows and Android devices. In Check Point’s recent article, it mentions that the group now has a 2FA malware for Android.


It is some sort of backdoor on devices that obtains a victim’s contact list and also access their SMS messages. This malware is dangerous because it can work silently and record microphone usage as well.


From what the security outfit gathered, the group already has a malware that intercepts ‘G-‘ string SMS messages; which is associated with Google accounts 2FA codes. After it blocks these messages, it then sends them to the hacker.


The nickname of the Iranian group running this 2FA malware on Android is Rampant Kitten. One of the malware is an app on Android devices that poses as a service to help Persian speakers in Sweden to get their driver’s license.


Likely, Rampant Kitten has developed other malware apps to compromise your 2FA security. One way you can protect yourself is to download apps only from trusted sources. Also, be careful of the permissions you give to apps.


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