You are currently viewing iPhone sales banned in Columbia and more countries could follow
iPhone sales ban in Columbia over Ericsson patent infringement

iPhone sales banned in Columbia and more countries could follow

There is a ban on sales of iPhone 5G versions in Columbia following a filing by Swedish telecommunication company, Ericsson. iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPad Pro variants with 5G capabilities are all affected by the ban. Although Apple is still fighting the injunction, the company is not allowed to import the affected devices into Columbia for now.

The lawsuit occurred after Apple stopped paying royalty fees for using the patented 5G tech. It used to pay Ericsson for it until it stopped doing so in hopes of a better deal. Apple’s reason is that Ericsson was charging too much for a patent that falls under the FRAND terms for “standard-essential patents.”

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The court order also tells the iPhone makers to inform their shops, retailers, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites of the ban in Columbian territories. 

9To5Mac reports that Apple is trying to get one over Ericsson by suing it in the US for damages over loss of revenue due to the Columbian ban. However, it seems that the maneuver has not gone its way yet, and it may have to dig for other ways to wiggle out from under the injunction until both parties reach a payment settlement.

While Columbia is a small market for the iPhone, Ericsson is not done with its lawsuits. It could start hitting Apple where it hurts if it continues to delay the royalty payments.

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