You are currently viewing See all the iPhone 14 Pro issues that iOS 16 update fixed

See all the iPhone 14 Pro issues that iOS 16 update fixed

Apple is rolling out an iOS 16 update (iOS 16.0.2) to fix several issues affecting iPhone 14 Pro devices. Also, it helped users of older versions like the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 fix some problems as well.

Remember that iOS 16 is only available for iPhone 8 and newer devices. If you are not sure of what the latest version of the operating system is supposed to rectify, here they are below:

Apple mentioned that the iOS 16 update fixes the bug that caused the rear camera to vibrate and produce blurry images when used on third party apps. This issue affect iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users.

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It also fixes a bug that kept asking users for permission when they attempt to paste an item in an app. While this feature was actually added to ensure that users were aware that they are about to paste something, there were many complaints that it was an irritation. It even happened when trying to paste texts.

iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 users will also be happy to hear that Apple has fixed the bug that caused unresponsive touch inputs after their display has been serviced. In addition, it corrects the bug that causes the device display to go utterly black during setup.

Also, if you notice that the VoiceOver feature is not working immediately after a reboot, the iOS 16 update has fixed this problem.

The update packs new security protocols and improved privacy features to further prevent apps from tracking your usage. It is about 270MB in size and will require a reboot after you install it.

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