You are currently viewing iPhone 14 Pro gets A16 chip, regular iPhone 14 keeps A15 Bionic chip
iPhone 14 Pro gets A16 chip

iPhone 14 Pro gets A16 chip, regular iPhone 14 keeps A15 Bionic chip

iPhone 14 Pro versions will exclusively get the A16 chip upgrade, while the regular version will retain the A15 Bionic chip of iPhone 13. And analysts claim that Apple plans to keep this manufacturing tactic up for a couple more years.

However, the belief is that fewer people will be inclined to buy the regular version if this continues. Take iPhone 13 owners, for example; if they cannot afford to upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro, they might as well just stick to their one-year-old device because it is nearly the same as the regular iPhone 14.

Maybe this is what Apple secretly wants, as the products that would be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro are much more than in previous versions.

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Apple industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, mentioned the gap between the high-end iPhones and the regular ones. He adds that the company has raised the percentage of its sales expected to come from the Pro versions to 60% (previously at 40% to 50%).

It is suddenly like when Apple upgraded to the iPhone X in 2017. The phone had come with an entirely new design, Face ID, and other era-defining techs. Meanwhile, the cheaper iPhone 8 and 8 Plus had just been slightly different from the previous iPhone 7.

The exclusivity of the iPhone 14 Pro will clearly draw the line and show how different it is from the vanilla version. Of course, the plan could backfire, leaving the regular iPhone 14 to gather dust on shelves. Yet, knowing iPhone customers, that may not be the case. Also, there are quite a few hundred dollars between the versions, and not everyone will be able to buy the Pro.

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