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5 cheap Android smartphones you should pick over iPhone 13

iPhone 13 continues to struggle to emerge from iPhone 12’s shadow but in this article, you will see five cheap Android smartphones you are better off buying than it.

Shipped as a replacement of the iPhone 12, Apple’s 13th smartphone brought some mouthwatering improvements. Key among the new specs was the iOS 15 software and A15 processor that the device came with. However, months after the buzz has died down, see 5 cheap smartphones that you should pick over the iPhone 13.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Vs iPhone 13

Buy Now Galaxy S21 | S21+ | S21 Ultra 5G | Price & Deals | Samsung Africa

Samsung’s basic Galaxy S21 smartphone is a direct rival of the iPhone 13. And while they share some similarities, we are more interested in their differences.

Galaxy S21 pros

  • Stronger battery
  • Slightly bigger display
  • Higher refresh rate
  • Lighter to carry about
  • More camera lens options
  • More affordable
  • Fingerprint unlock available.

Galaxy S21 cons

  • Lesser selfie camera mega pixels
  • Smaller storage option
  • Slightly lesser screen resolution
  • Uses AMOLED instead of the much better OLED.

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2. OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 13

Oneplus 9 Pro - Specs, Price, Reviews, and Best Deals

Gone are the days when OnePlus was disregarded as a budget phone not worthy of being mentioned in a conversation regarding high-spec devices. Now, it is getting a seat at the table.

OnePlus 9 pros

  • Larger display screen
  • Higher refresh rate
  • Stronger battery
  • Higher rear camera mega pixels
  • Fingerprint unlock available
  • Almost $100 cheaper
  • Better selfie camera.

OnePlus 9 cons

  • Lesser storage capacity
  • Lesser screen resolution
  • No water and dust protection
  • Heavier to carry about.

3. Google Pixel 5A Vs iPhone 13

Pixel 5a (5G) with Fi - Google Fi

Practically tagged the Android phone of Android phones, this smartphone is from the makers of the software themselves. It comes with the specs to rival iOS smartphones as reviews have shown online.

Google Pixel 5A pros

  • Larger display size
  • Stronger battery
  • Over $300 cheaper
  • Fingerprint unlock available.

Google Pixel 5A cons

  • No wireless charging
  • Lesser selfie camera pixels
  • Lesser storage space option
  • Smaller RAM
  • Runs on a less powerful processor
  • Heavier to carry around

4. Google Pixel 6 Vs iPhone 13

Google Pixel 6 | New Google Pixel Deals & Contracts | EE

Another smartphone from the operating system makers joins the list of Android phones to buy instead of the iPhone 13 that are just as powerful. Lets see what makes Google’s latest smartphone a worthy opponent.

Google Pixel 6 pros

  • Larger display size
  • Higher refresh rate
  • Higher rear camera pixels
  • Fingerprint unlock available
  • Nearly $250 cheaper
  • Stronger battery

Google Pixel 6 cons

  • Lesser storage space option
  • Lesser selfie camera pixels
  • Heavier to carry around
  • Uses AMOLED instead of the much better OLED.

5. Redmi K30S Vs iPhone 13

Xiaomi Redmi K30S 8+256G Ultra Smartphone MIUI 12 Snapdragon 865 Octa

Despite being a year older than the iPhone 13, the Redmi K30S Android smartphone is a worthy option that you should consider buying. Here is how it fairs when compared to Apple’s latest phone.

Redmi K30S pros

  • Much larger display size
  • Stronger battery
  • Faster charging plus Quick Charge 4+ support
  • Larger rear camera pixels
  • Larger selfie camera pixels
  • Fingerprint unlock available
  • Nearly $400 cheaper.

Redmi K30S cons

  • Lesser storage options
  • Uses LCD instead of the much superior OLED
  • Heavier to carry around
  • No water and dust protection.

Of course, this might not be enough to convince you not to shell out more for the iPhone 13. As many have agreed, Apple does not sell better features, just the brand name alone is prestigious enough to carry the smartphone. Anyway, if you are more of a specs person, you might need to weigh your options properly.

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