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iPhone 12 News: Specifications And Prices For All Four Models

While Apple is yet to officially announce much about its coming iPhone 12, rumours and leaks have given enthusiasts a peek into what the prices and specifications are.


One of the oldest stories running around concerning the coming iPhone 12 is that it will have four models. The models differ in the size of their screen display, the number of cameras, and definitely, many below surface specifications.


However, all the iPhone 12 devices will have 5G network support. But as Jon Posser revealed on his Twitter page, their prices will differ.


Let us consider some of the key specifications and prices of the different iPhone 12 devices below.


Posser said ‘his sources’ confirmed that the most affordable device in the series will be the iPhone 12 D52G. Its OLED screen measures about 5.4 inches and it uses a dual camera. It will cost about $649.

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To add further credence to this leak, Posser added in another tweet that this same source had revealed the correct launch date of the iPhone SE.


While the iPhone 12 D53G and iPhone 12 Pro D53P both have a 6.1 OLED screen, they differ in the number of cameras. The D53G edition of the iPhone comes with a dual-camera feature while Pro D53P has three cameras plus a LiDAR sensor.


Also, their prices will be different; iPhone 12 D53G will allegedly cost $749 while the Pro D53P version is valued at $999.


The last and most expensive smartphone on the line-up is the 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max D54P. It will also have three cameras plus a LiDAR sensor.


A LiDAR sensor is designed to improve the use of iPhone AR apps. It had debuted on the iPad Pro 2020. It is likely that the sensor could also be used for photo and video applications.


Rumours also reveal that while the iPhone 12 series may launch in September, it may enter markets worldwide in October because of delays in mass production.


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