You are currently viewing iOS 16 will let you skip CAPTCHA on some apps and websites

iOS 16 will let you skip CAPTCHA on some apps and websites

iOS 16 and macOS Ventura will be able to recognise that you are human and let you bypass the rigor that solving CAPTCHA riddles bring.

The feature that makes this possible is called Automatic Verification, and it will be available for iPhones and Mac users when their respective operating systems drop later in 2022.

MacRumors claims that Apple built the tech with assistance from Fastly and Cloudflare, the two most popular content delivery networks. The two services will work with Apple’s system to help fast-track your browsing experience and make it less annoying.

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While most of the details remain quite technical and advanced, the bottom line is that the device uses several factors to determine that a human is indeed using it and when you visit a location that requires CAPTCHA, the device can vouch for you.

Automatic Verification is part of a larger tech called Private Access Tokens, which the Silicon Valley firm is using to replace passwords in the future to create a more secure, a faster means of accessing accounts online.

Additionally, Apple says that the tech does not mean that your device has details about your login that it shares with the CAPTCHA provider. Instead, the device only gives a sort of greenlight that the user is real based on its factors.

Android and Windows are also working on a similar technology and Google could be fitting the feature in Chrome soon.

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