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iOS 16 will have Apple Fitness app

Apple Watch may soon find itself in the same boat as the iPod as iOS 16 will be launching with its Fitness app. If care is not taken, we may find ourselves asking; just how important is it to have an Apple Watch again?

At the anticipated WWDC 2022, the iPhone makers did not disappoint with their several announcements. However, launching the Fitness App as part of iOS 16 offerings was unexpected.

Of course, for now, it will undoubtedly not e as effective as when it is on the Apple Watch, yet, the iPhone Fitness app will be able to do some things. For example, it will be able to track steps through motion sensors. Likely, other functionalities will be revealed later.

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Having the fitness app on your iPhone could save you the $699 you would have to spend on the latest high-tech Apple Watch Series 7. Yet, if you are indeed a fitness enthusiast with some unique set of goals to achieve, I doubt the iPhone Fitness app can replace the smartwatch functions that you need.

iOS 16 is living up to its hype with the several announcements coming out concerning it. Although the lock screen widgets customisation is still the leading major update that the operating system is bringing, there are other things to look forward to as the launch date gets closer.

In the same vein, Apple’s watchOS 9 brings even more fitness functionalities that will definitely keep the Apple Watch in the market for quite some time.

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