iOS 14 Users Are Complaining Of Overheating iPhones And Battery Drainage

iOS 14 Users Are Complaining Of Overheating iPhones And Battery Drainage

Twitter users are complaining that their iPhones have been overheating with its battery draining quicker since they updated to iOS 14.


Mirror had raised the issue in an article on Monday 21st September 2020, and we confirmed that there really is a huge number of people making the complaints. Apple introduced iOS 14 on 16th September 2020 and since then, may iPhone users have rushed to update their devices.


One of the most unique features that the software update offers is creative Home Screen widgets. It allows users to create their own home screens. Also, brands like IMDB, Google and Twitch released their own widget support after the launch.


However, it seems that all is not as rosy as it appeared at the beginning with the iOS 14 launch. Not long after its release, some users began complaining that their iPhones were overheating since the update.

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Here are some of the Tweets we found:






Apple Support Team has assured users that it is normal for the iPhone to increase in temperature after an update. It says that users should wait for at least 48 hours and see if the issue persists. The company has not said anything about the battery issue.


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