You are currently viewing iOS 14 Installation On iPhones Reaches 90%. What Next?

iOS 14 Installation On iPhones Reaches 90%. What Next?

Apple revealed that among the iPhones released in the last 4 years, iOS 14 is currently installed on 90 percent of these devices.  The Apple company has a plausible habit, of releasing timely over-the-air updates(OTA) to its devices for a long period of time.


All iPhones on iOS 14 6


Eight percent of iPhones introduced in the last four years run iOS 13; while two percent continue to run an earlier version of iOS. Quite an interesting stat showing more people installing Apple’s latest OTA’s.

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85% of all phones (Adding those older than four years) are running iOS 14, with eight percent still on iOS 13; and 7% running a previous version of iOS. This section includes devices that are not able to run iOS 14.


Looking at ipadOS(the operating system for Apple Ipads), 91 percent of all iPads introduced in the last four years are running iPadOS 14,  and 79 percent of all devices have the iOS 14 update installed.


For iPhones, iPads in the “all devices” section may not be able to run iOS 14; and 12 percent of iPads in this section have iOS 12 or earlier in usage then nine percent run iOS 13.


In February, Apple released previous updated iOS 14 installation figures. The numbers stood at 86 percent of iPhones introduced in the last four years had iOS 14 installed; and 80 percent of all iPhones had iOS 14 installed, iOS 14 adoption rate has increased fairly with the release of iOS 14.5.


These updated adoption figures for iOS 14 are appearing ahead of the 32nd annual Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC), which will see the launch of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.



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