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Intel’s First Discrete Graphics Card Is On Its Way, Gamers Are You Ready?

Intel is poised to release its first discrete gaming Graphics card since its inspection.


Intel Xe Graphics.
Intel Xe Graphics.


The discrete graphics card is rumored to be called Intel Xe-HPG DG2 according to a statement from Intel’s website. This graphics card is Intel’s chance to hold ground in the graphics card market, the chip company has been testing the release of this graphics card for a long now.


Intel made a statement on the Odyssey Cardholder website inviting early engagers to redeem their cards in time for the launch of the Xe HPG microarchitecture from Intel. At the International Supercomputing (ISC) 2021 event, Intel mentioned that the DG2 lineup of cards has been sampled. We can expect this graphics card to be released in mobile and desktop versions.


What is the Odyssey program?


It started in 2019 by Intel as a way to promote, test, and collect feedback from a group of volunteers after using Intel’s discrete graphics card.

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An Intel graphics card will end the duopoly of Nvidia and AMD discrete graphics cards, Intel’s only discrete graphics card before this was the DG1.


Intel Iris Xe DG1 graphics card.
Intel Iris Xe DG1 graphics card.


This budget discrete graphics card wasn’t designed for gaming; but this new Xe-HPG DG2 card has the potential to change that. And at least compete with the likes of AMD and Nvidia at the entry-level discrete gaming cards category.



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