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Intel Unveils Eight New 10th Generation Processors

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Intel has introduced added a new line of processors to its 10th generation line. This time they are focusing on the Comet Lake CPUs. The eight new processors use Intel’s 14nm process. In fact, the new Intel Core i7-10710U is the first hexacore U-series processor. That one features 12 threads and has a higher max clock speed than some other Intel Ice Lake processors.


The new 14nm will most likely not be as efficient as the 10nm chips. Similarly, it will likely not have a great battery life like the Ice Lake chips. However, none of these has Intel’s Gen11 impressive integrated graphics. Instead, Comet Lake will use a previous version of its integrated graphics. This means that the 10th Gen CPUs won’t be available unless you buy a laptop that has graphics dedicated from AMD or Nvidia.




Although, the 10th Generation processors might sound a little confusing. But you should be able to tell them apart by their model names. This is as long as you know what to look out for. The Comet Lake CPUs can be easily sorted out by looking for the letter U or Y in the model names.


Intel’s Ice Lake processors are mostly U and Y series products.


However, the letters are usually not included in their names. Intel mostly differentiates those processors by putting G then the number as its name. This naming shows that the processors feature its new Iris Plus graphics.




The U-series chip will reportedly support fast LPDDR4x memory in laptops. Intel has stayed consistent by making sure the new U and Y series chips have the same support for Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6. The company says the processors will appear in Project Athena machines that are expected to last for nine hours.


Intel then confirmed that the new CPUs will be available in machines by the end of the year. However, they say the 10nm chips will probably be included in more expensive machines.

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