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Instead Of Leaving Your Home, Play These Smartphone Games

Below are smartphone games that you can use to pass the time as you stay indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Children can also play these games as well.


Staying at home in itself can be fun in the first few days, but after some time, it may start becoming boring. If you are not engaged with some other activities and are tired of the TV, check out games you can play from your smartphone.

1. eFootball PES 2020

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


This engaging online game has all the modes that you can think of.; from career mode to campaign mode. You can also play against people in other parts of the world online.


It helps you kill time and its smooth gameplay will take your mind off the fact that there will be no live game of some of your favourite leagues until the pandemic blows over.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


If you are not a fan of football games, then you can join the crowd of people already playing Candy Crush Saga. To make this game more entertaining, play it with the sound on.


Also, share your score and achievements with many other players online.

3. Wordament

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


This game requires players to create as many words as possible and it focuses on speed. Players can also compete with thousands of others online and after each round, you get to know your score depending on the number of words you created with the alphabets you are given.

4. Dream League Soccer

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


This is another football game that has got many glued to their phone screen. While you are confined to your home, whip out your smartphone and create your own soccer team to dominate the world of virtual football.


The sense of fulfillment this game gives will have you going back to it to achieve more.

5. Subway Surfers

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


It was one of the games that displaced Temple Run from its perch at top smartphone games in recent years. This game has one mission; dodge obstacles, yet, it is engrossing.


You keep unlocking amazing characters the longer you play and you can also share your scores with friends online.

6. GT Racing 2

Smartphone games stay at home coronavirus


It promises players real car experience. The game is the best thing on Android smartphones that gives real car racing feelings. It also has several car options that players can choose from.


If you have tried playing all these games and you still feel bored at home, check out other things you can do with your smartphone these coronavirus times.


No matter what you do, follow government policies and practice social distancing.


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