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Instagram Will Begin To Hide Potentially Offensive Comments In Effort To Address Online Bullying

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Instagram has announced that it will begin to automatically hide potentially offensive comments. The move is part of the social media giant’s ongoing effort to address online bullying.


According to the company, the hidden comments is to be similar to those that have been reported by users in the past. Also, users will still be able to tap ‘View Hidden Comments’ and see the remarks.


Instagram says it’s using its existing artificial intelligence systems to identify bullying or offensive language in comments. At the moment, Instagram users have the option to hide any comment that its algorithm deems as offensive.

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Instagram has been making several efforts to address online bullying. In 2019, it launched a tool called Restrict that allows users to restrict another user. This means comments on their posts from that person are only visible to that person but not to other people.


The company also previously added a feature that informs people when their comments may be considered offensive before it’s posted. Essentially, giving them a chance to properly put their thoughts into perspective.


The company says since the introduction of the comment warning feature, it’s seen ‘significant improvement’ in people editing or not posting their comments.


Instagram also says it’s adding a new warning for users who have posted several possibly offensive comments. The warning notification will prompt them to go back to their comment, and ignoring it would mean they risk consequences like Instagram hiding their comments or even deleting their account.


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