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Instagram Siberia Dump

Instagram Users Advised To Stop Visiting Siberia Waste Dump

Imagine living for the gram and finding out that your life might be at risk for it. Instagram users are visiting a particular location in Siberia to take beautiful selfies. Unfortunately for most people who are going on this getaway, it could harm them.


The city asks its residents to stop making the location attractive to tourists with their photos. The location is a toxic lake in a city called Novosibirsk in Southern Russia.


Selfie at the Siberia Waste Dump

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images


The artificial pond, which looks spectacular in pictures, has the nickname, Siberia Waste Dump. But its bright blue water that looks perfect in pictures is as a result of metal oxides and brew of calcium salts. Apparently, it is filled with a power plant’s toxic waste.


Since the Instagram photos made the location in Siberia popular, the lake has gotten tons of visits running into tens of thousands. People are using the pond for photoshoots, from women clad in bikinis at its dirty shore to little babies and newlyweds.


The owners

Apparently, these people are oblivious to the dangers of the water and are even getting into it. The owner of the lake, Siberian Generating Company, has called the lake an ash dump. In a statement on their social media page, they said, “We very kindly request that you refrain from taking selfies down in the ash dump!”


The company says the pond has high alkaline levels with pH more than eight. The water is, however, not poisonous according to them. But they have warned that it could cause skin irritation upon contact. They say the water’s beautiful blue colour is as a product of ash from burning coal.


Siberia Instagram


The company went on to add that it was not allowed to swim in the water which they called an ash dump. They added that “under the water is sludgy! Getting out from the water yourself is practically impossible.”


Apparently, there are actually signs around the lake asking people not to trespass. There have also been moves to close the road that leads to the site.


This would have made a great tourist attraction advertorial for the location just like it was for Santorini. However, unfortunately, this is not a safe location for tourists. In case you are planning a trip, you may want to rethink the decision and maybe go to the Maldives instead.

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