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Instagram rolls out new look, privacy features, and content curation technique

Meta’s Instagram has rolled out new privacy features – hidden words and comments – to improve control over comments and debuted a new look.

Instagram changed its TL look on Friday, with the Activity button now at the top right and the Shop button taking its place on the bottom icons. These changes are not a big deal as the platform is used to changing looks as frequently as you change clothes.

However, one standout feature change came nearly a day before. To give you more control over comments on your content, IG highlighted the Hidden words and Comments features in privacy.

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You can create a list that contains custom words, phrases, and emojis that you don’t want to see in the Hidden words tab. Then, you can choose to hide comments containing words from the list and similar misspellings and message requests containing them.

Besides a list you curated, you can also choose to protect yourself from generally offensive words and phrases.

Meanwhile, in the Comments tab, you can opt to allow only your followers, people you follow, or a combination of both to be able to comment on your posts. Even more specific is that you can block certain accounts from dropping comments on your posts.

This is useful because you can put popular trolls in their place, among other controls.

There is also a new way to curate what content Instagram suggests (and not) in the Search and Explore tab. When you see a post that you don’t like, you can tap on the three dots above it and choose to see fewer posts like that. This action tells the AI that you don’t like such content, and it stops recommending them.

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