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Instagram rolls out post scheduling and achievements features

Meta’s Instagram is taking on third-party businesses with its in-app post scheduling tool for professional accounts. The company also announced a new feature called ‘achievements,’ which is aimed at pushing creators to make more Reels and get rewarded for their efforts.

Instagram had been testing the scheduling feature for a few weeks on select accounts before announcing the more inclusive rollout. The feature can be used to schedule everything from Reels to Photos and Carousel posts. It is limited to 75 days in the future.

To access the Instagram scheduling tool, do the following:

— After creating a post, tap on the Advanced settings option.
— Next, tap on the Schedule this post toggle and choose the time and date you want the post to go live.
— Go back to the post flow and tap on Schedule.

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You can now share Tweets directly to Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

The other new feature that platform announced is the ability for creators to unlock achievements that relate to specific actions when creating a Reel.

So, creators will get access to collaborate with other creators through Add Yours sticker, Collabs tool or Remix if their content relates to it. They will also get to use polls and quizzes to engage with their community. In addition, achievements like using trending audio or effects to join trends are being rolled out.

“Creators will be notified when they’ve unlocked an achievement after they’ve published their Reel,” Instagram said. The caveat here is that creators have to keep making more than one Reel every week to keep their creative streak and earn more achievements.

While the achievements features will ensure that interested creators keep pushing out videos to keep users on the platform, the scheduling tool could be a move to direct monetisation of Instagram. With rumours of a premium version of the app coming up, improved variants of Instagram post scheduling feature is something that professional accounts owned by brands and big names may be willing to pay for. Likely, we will see the company tease more of similar features before deciding on which ones to improve on and hide behind a paywall.

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