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Instagram now lets you pin three posts or reels

Instagram has increased the number of allowed pinned posts or reels to three and recently improved its sensitive content filters as well.

TikTok and Twitter offer pinned post feature because it lets users direct the attention of anyone visiting their profile to a post that they are proud of or that tells the world what they are about.

With Instagram allowing up to three posts to be pinned, it means that you can now better curate what visitors see when they go to your profile.

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To pin posts or reels to your profile, simply tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of the particular post and select the Pin to your profile option. Here is Instagram announcing the feature on Twitter:

This is not all the change that is coming to your favourite media sharing platform. Instagram is also updating the choices you have when filtering sensitive content on the platform.

Before, the feature governed content that the platform recommends but Instagram is now letting it also control other aspects. Now, the Sensitive Content Control feature will control what you see on your feed, search, hashtag pages, Reels and Accounts You Might Follow. Basically, anywhere that it makes recommendations.

In addition, it is renaming the choices you have for a type of content from “Allow,” “Limit,” and “Limit Even More,” to “More,” “Standard,” and “Less.” You can read all about the Sensitive Control updates here.

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