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Instagram introduces new tag feature to credit collaborators

To promote collaborations, Instagram is rolling out a new tag feature to enable you give credit to creators like stylists, photographers, and more.

The new tags will show the contribution of a creator to a post instead of them just appearing as tagged to the post. This way, you don’t just have a bunch of tags without any detail of what role each person played.

Instagram mentioned that its aim is to give credit where it is due and acknowledge the amount of work creators put into projects.

“For many Black and underrepresented creators, crediting is an entryway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who is driving culture,” the company said.

Leaving proper tagging to users have led to creators not having their work displayed properly, As Instagram mentioned, creators who work behind the scenes, such as makeup artists and songwriters, are often overlooked.

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When the new feature becomes available, users can tag contributors when they upload a content and choose the show profile category to let the world know their role.

According to NBC, the new tag was fast-tracked to address complaints from Black creators who said that they did not get credit for their work.

How to Use Enhanced Tags

– Open the Instagram app and tap the (+) in the top right corner

– Create a new Post and tap Next

– Make any creative edits then tap Next

– After writing a caption, tap Tag People

– Select Add Tag and search and select your contributors

– Tap Show Profile Category to display the creator category

– Tap Done

– Once you’ve added any additional tags and details, tap Share

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