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Instagram May Be Revamping The Boomerang Feature

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Some new Instagram features have been discovered by a researcher. According to her, the feature was hidden in Instagram’s code. The changes could mean a potential update to the Boomerang feature. It looks like Instagram is in the process of adding more filters to its Boomerang.


App researcher Jane Wong seems ready to add a few new updates to the short clip mode. There will now be more options included in the Boomerang option. Users will likely be able to add pauses to the end of the loop with the Hold filter. Dynamic will add wiggles to the end of the loop while there will an option to put the video in slow motion.


In addition, Duo would introduce a slightly slower or faster version of the regular Boomerang. The new features were discovered on Instagram’s Android app. Wong also went on to share the features she found on Twitter.



Apart from the new filters, she also discovered a new layout for the Stories. There may also be an update with the ability to share comments, new Story Camera icons and new notification setting on Instagram’s website and app.


It is not clear when the features will be rolled out but the update could also come with the impending name change. Instagram said they were adding the name ‘Facebook’ to all their apps including Messenger and WhatsApp.

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