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how to filter your Instagram feed

Instagram feed just got worse thanks to Zuckerberg’s ‘money first’ policy

If you have been complaining about your Instagram feed bringing you content from accounts you have nothing to do with, strap in, it just got worse.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told investors on Wednesday that the Instagram recommendation algorithm will increase recommended content. “More than double” is the term he used, according to a 9To5Mac report.

What this means is that the 15-85 ratio of recommended content to the ones you want to see will change to 30-70 when the new plans start rolling out.

Also, the AI ensures that you see more video than photos. This way, it gets to promote more sponsored posts, and since videos require more time to view, hopefully, the app will record longer duration usage.

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The complaints have kept coming in, but Instagram is not listening. In its bid to promote content that investors want, it is robbing ordinary users of why they joined the platform in the first place; connecting with friends and loved ones.

It is not much of a surprise for those in the social media industry because Meta had already said it plans to increase revenue from all its platforms as much as possible. Also, since it is chasing down TikTok, a primarily video-sharing platform, it has to do as it does.

Instead of leaving the platform entirely, the best thing you can do is filter your TL by Favourites. It lets you see only content from accounts you choose as important and, of course, sponsored posts. From your Home, tap on the Instagram button at the top left, and from the drop-down, select Favourites. While this does not insulate you completely, it is better.

Ensure you select only family and friends in your Favourites list.

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