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Instagram adds new Feed view options – Favorites and Following modes

On Wednesday, 23 March 2022, Instagram announced two new Feed modes — favorites and following mode. Here is how these features will enhance your experience.

You may have wondered why you see Instagram posts from accounts that you don’t follow. Well, this is because of the platform’s algorithm that ‘recommends’ posts that you may like based on your activities.

As many have pointed out, these suggested posts are creating bad experiences. So, here is how Instagram wants to improve things.

Favorites and Following modes

Favorites mode shows the latest posts from accounts you choose, while the following mode brings the most recent posts from the accounts you follow on Instagram. Both chronologically arrange your feed to show what is happening at that time.

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This was the traditional way Feed worked on social media platforms until developers started making tweaks to ensure that you didn’t miss relevant posts because you were offline for some time. While the tweak greatly reduced the urge to always be online, it has messed things up so that posts from as far back as two days appear with posts from minutes ago.

To access the new Instagram Feed modes, tap on the top left of your screen (where it says Instagram and shows a drop-down arrow) and select the viewing mode you prefer.

Product mock of Favorites and Following on Instagram

In addition, you can add up to 50 accounts to your Favorites list and edit them (remove and add) as you prefer. Instagram will prioritise posts from accounts on the Favorites list, and a star icon will set them apart.

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