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Instagram Announces Automatic Translation For Foreign Text In Its Stories

Instagram yesterday announced it’s adding an option to translate foreign texts in its story posts.

Whenever the app notices any language other than English, it automatically displays a “See Translation.” This is located just at the top left of the screen where users can quickly translate.

Instagram Translation story Feature

Instagram first added translations to comments, user Bios and captions in 2016. 5 years later it’s adding the feature for stories.

With over support for 90 languages, and global support Instagram is making content sharing easy.

In September of last year, Facebook introduced a cross-platform messaging experience for Messenger and Instagram. Allowing you to communicate with other Facebook users who didn’t have Instagram accounts without having to switch apps.

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That messaging experience also included support for audio and video calls. Although it was still in beta testing at that time with hundreds of participants including 30 developers and 700 different brands. There is no support for Audio translation right now, it is probably in the works.

Parent company Facebook announced a new sensitive control feature.

The Sensitive Content Control setting allows users to “see more or less of some types of sensitive content,” which may be “upsetting or offensive.”

This feature helps users and Instagram regulate how users see sensitive information and materials, so the world continues to share content.



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