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Instagram Adds Live Rooms Allowing Broadcasts With Three Guests

Facebook has announced a new feature for Instagram called Live Rooms. It allows users to go live on Instagram with up to three people at a time compared to two-people live sessions which were available before now. Facebook hopes that the additional capacity will boost creative opportunities; and allow users to feel more connected with friends and family.


The new feature will be rolling out globally and will be accessible to all Instagram users. To get started with Live Rooms, swipe left and press the Live camera option; then tap the Rooms icon and add the guests you want to chat with. Live Rooms can start with as many guests as you’d like and additional invites can be sent out during a live session. When a guest is added to a Live Room, their followers will be notified expanding the reach of the session.

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To boost the safety of Live Rooms, anyone that is blocked by any of the active participants in the Live Room will not be able to view the content while it’s broadcasting live. Live access can also be revoked from users if they violate the Community Guidelines. Furthermore, admins of a Live Room will be able to report and block comments; as well as apply comment filters.


With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay at home, Live Rooms offers a way for content creators to spread their reach further. So far, fitness instructors; musicians; beauty bloggers; chefs and activists have all used Instagram’s live feature to reach their audience; and with the launch of Live Rooms, the content should get more interesting.



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