You are currently viewing Pranav Bakhshi: India’s First Model With Autism Making Headlines

Pranav Bakhshi: India’s First Model With Autism Making Headlines

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Pranav Bakhshi, a 19-year-old boy from the capital city Delhi becomes India’s first male model with autism. Through his bold move, autism has made way into the fashion industry, breaking all its stereotypes once again.


Other stereotypes broken in the fashion industry include Winnie Harlow and Madeline Stuart. Harlow and Stuart, who have vitiligo and down syndrome respectively, are today recognised as international supermodels.




The 19-year-old boy, with his boyish charm, perfect height, and good stature, is more than his looks. He is proof that nothing can come between you and your dreams. The young model takes his autism as his superpower, as his bio reads, “Autism is my superpower”.




One can trace his passion back to 2016, to which he shared a video on Instagram. In the video, he takes his first walk down the ramp at Bangalore’s UB City Mall wearing clothes from well-known fashion labels. He shared the video with the message:

“Sorry the video quality is not good. This was my first ramp walk, in 2016 for Walk With A Difference in Bengaluru. I got the title of Mr Charming. There were so many contestants I was competing with to walk the ramp. I danced for the first talent round on Watch Me by Silento because it was my favourite song at that time. My sister taught me some steps. I also loved visiting UB City Mall; I think it’s awesome.”


Pranav Bakhshi has the qualities required to be a successful model with his looks and passion. He is currently enrolled with one of the leading Delhi-based modelling agencies. The young stud, who enjoys working out, also likes to play golf in his free time. While taking a few clicks in his spare time, he could drown himself in some music too.


Pranav Bakhshi and autism



Pranav Bakhshi has a 40% disability and also suffers from a psychiatric disorder known as echolalia. Furthermore, he suffers from severe anxiety and has extreme obsessions towards things. Despite all of this, he aims to soar high in the fashion industry while aspiring to model for international brands someday.




His role model is Spanish supermodel and actor Jon Kortajarena. Likewise, we can’t deny the fact that this young stud has become the role-model of many as well.

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