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India Bans TikTok Over P*rnography And Underage Users Accusations

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India has reportedly banned popular social networking site TikTok over p*rnography. Responding to a ruling from Madras High Court, both Apple and Google also deleted the app from its respective online stores.




This means that people in India with an iPhone will be unable to download the app. However, those that already have the app installed will still be able to use it.


The app claims to have 500 million active users and over 120 million of them are in India alone. The app which acquired has grown to be a favorite amongst young people.


TikTok claims to “empower everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones” by allowing them to make, edit and share short videos of themselves.


The app has also been accused of illegally mining data of its users. Recently it was accused of storing the data of its American users in a remote server in China. Indian authorities now accuse it of illegal data collection and “aiding the dissemination of pornographic materials”.

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TikTok Optimistic about the Case

According to the Madras High Court, young users of TikTok are also vulnerable to s****l predators.


TikTok recently agreed to pay $5.7 million (£4.3m) to settle a case pertaining to its app. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claimed it illegally collect data on children under the age of 13.


The February settlement also required TikTok to remove users under 13 years from its app.


More legal hearings will take place at both the Madras High Court and India’s Supreme Court later this month.


A spokesperson on behalf of the firm said TikTok was “optimistic” about the outcome and had “faith in the Indian judicial system”.


The ByteDance owned firm has been shrouded in controversy and had been in the news for lots of negative reasons. How the Chinese firm reacts to all the controversy would be interesting.


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