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Improve Your Work Output With These Five Windows 10 Productivity Tips

You will find the Windows 10 productivity tips mentioned in this article very useful as you struggle to work under the worldwide COVID-19 induced lockdown.


Working at this time can be frustrating because your mind struggles to focus as conditions seem to be deteriorating further. While some of the productivity tips may not be new to veteran Windows 10 users, it will also be an important reminder of what they can do with the software.


Below, we outline five productivity tips to help you during these trying times.


1. Turn off notification: Staying up-to-date is important as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not all notifications deserve your immediate attention. Some may even be click baits that drag your attention only to disappoint when you open the links for details.


Thus, at this time, when you are set to work, turn off notifications on your PC. To turn off notifications on Windows 10, go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions. You can choose to turn off all notifications at once by toggling off the setting or you can allow only some specific apps to keep sending you notifications under the Get notifications from these senders option.


Windows 10 Notifications Productivity Tips


2. Use the search option: Whatever you want to find on your Windows 10 powered PC, it usually comes with a search option. Be it a Settings option or some file that you saved, you always get the choice to search the name rather than going from location to location.


In fact, you can opt to search from the ever-present search bar by the bottom left of your screen. So, instead of wasting time visiting one folder and another like a nomad, just search it straight up.

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3. Use GodMode: We once wrote about the GodMode and its function. However, this is a good time for you to set it up. It takes about 15 seconds to do and it totally makes using your PC easier. To set this up, all you have to do is:


  • Right-click on the Desktop page.
  • Select New and then Folder.
  • Next, Right-click the New Folder and choose Rename.
  • Now, you name this new folder as: “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”.
    Note: Don’t include the quotes.


GodMode windows 10 productivity tips


After this step, the icon changes from a file to a control panel. Anytime you open the GodMode folder it shows a list of all program tasks that you can execute on your PC. Thus, bringing all your settings under one location.


4. Split Screen: If you are writing an article that requires looking up things on the internet; you may find going from page to page and returning to your Microsoft Word page tiring. Well, you can write on one page and check your research on a browser on the same screen.


Here is what you need to do to split your PC screen on Windows 10:


On one of the pages, hold the Windows Key and tap the Up or Down Arrow, then tap either Left or Right Arrow without removing your hand from the Windows Key.


This puts your current page on one side of your screen. Then you go to the web browser or any other page you are using at the same time, repeat the Windows Key and Up or Down Arrow, then if you put the first screen on the left, you can put the new page on the right (or vice versa).


Windows 10 Split Screen
Windows 10 Split Screen. Digital Trends.


You can then multi-task as much as possible.


5. Familiarise yourself with several other keyboard shortcuts. There are new keyboard shortcuts being discovered every day on the internet. This will keep improving your productivity as you use Windows 10 to get more work done. Also, stay up to date with us as we bring many insightful life hacks as well.


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