Improve Your Bathroom Experience With These Amazing Tips

Improve Your Bathroom Experience With These Amazing Tips

Everyone uses the bathroom, whether it’s to do a number 1, number 2, or to take a quick shower. But your bathroom doesn’t have to be a place you run in and out of. You can turn your bathroom into a mini-spa paradise with these few tips.


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1. Get a nice showerhead

showerhead bathroom spa
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A nice showerhead can greatly improve your bathroom experience. Get some shower massage therapy by using different pressure settings on the showerhead, depending on how you want your beauty bath. The same thing goes for faucets.


2. Get a luxe bathmat

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Get yourself a nice, squishy, super-absorbent bathmat so you don’t have to dread your feet touching the ground when you get out of the shower.


3. Add a mirror

bathroom upgrades
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Hang a mirror above your sink so that you can brush your teeth and do your skincare routines better and easier. A mirror would also reflect light and make the room look wider and brighter.


4. Add some plants

plants for bathroom
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Plants will purify the air in your bathroom and make it look more zen. Pick a few low-light low maintenance plants for your bathroom and enjoy your calming space.


5. Change your toilet seat

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A good s**t can be the most satisfying thing in the world. Get yourself a comfortable toilet seat to lounge on during your poop sessions. Relax and savour the process. Mindfulness and comfort cannot be overrated.


6. Add a basket

spa toilet
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Organise any clutter with baskets or trays. Place your toilet paper, wipes, products, candles and even reading material inside a tray or seagrass basket.


7. Repaint

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A fresh coat of matte paint can be all the makeover your bathroom needs. Choose a pastel colour for a cool relaxing vibe. It may sound like work but a new paint job can help you see your old bathroom in a new light.


8. Invest in scented candles

spa candles
Photo: Paul Wence / Pexels


Candles create a calming atmosphere. Scented candles last longer than air fresheners and make your bathroom smell gorgeous. So for a more refreshing ambience and sweet smells, get yourself a nice scented candle. They come in a variety of flavours so you can pick.


9. Get a nice shower curtain

shower curtain spa
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Keep your bathroom floor dry with a shower curtain that looks and feels nice. It doubles as décor and will spark joy whenever you walk into the bathroom.


10. Get microfibre towels

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Embrace the softness of high-quality smooth absorbent towels. They dry your body faster and leave you feeling clean and pampered.


Everything in your home should spark joy because it goes a long way to improving your mood and the quality of your life. For more on lifestyle and home, check out a few ways you can upgrade your living space.

Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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