Ikea And Sonos Jointly Announces Picture Frame Speaker For $199

Ikea And Sonos Jointly Announces Picture Frame Speaker For $199

Ikea the large Home Furniture company and Sound company Sonos announced a speaker together. This speaker was introduced in their Symfonisk line.


It’s designed as a picture frame/wall art speaker, surprisingly was prematurely teased on Ikea’s website. The art wall-styled Wi-Fi speaker will be available for purchase on July 15th for $199.


The Internals
The Internals


The actual speakers are covered with a front art that can be removed and swapped out for other designs and colors.


Cable management
Cable Management


The internals of this speaker shows some very neat cable management, the power cables can be routed in different directions depending on where the nearest power outlet.

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The art speaker can be placed on the floor with its included feet if you are into that kind of thing. Sonos reported its intention is to create room-filling sound in a product that will be placed differently than many of its more traditional speakers.


The controls of the speaker are located on the back left side of its body frame, users will be able to control the speaker with the Sonos app and as a sweet deal Airplay 2 is also included.


Art covers


Also, there are included on the speakers, Ikea and Sonos icons, two picture frame speakers can be stereo paired.  For a cleaner look, they can be connected in series; so only one power cord is connected to a power outlet.




These speakers are covered with beautiful artworks; and they can be compared to Samsung Frame TVs and LG’s Gallery TVs when they are used exclusively for art.



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