You are currently viewing Ike Onyeoma Threatens To Spill Dirty Secrets About Mercy Eke

Ike Onyeoma Threatens To Spill Dirty Secrets About Mercy Eke

BBNaija ex-housemate Ike Onyeoma has threatened to expose his ex-girlfriend, Mercy Eke if she continues to foul things about him.

Ike Onyeoma Threatens To Spill Dirty Secrets About Mercy Eke
Ike Onyeoma and ex girlfriend Mercy Eke

The reality TV star and blogger made this known while reacting to Eke’s recent comments about their relationship.

Eke had revealed during one of the episodes of the podcast ‘Frankly Speaking’ that she once dated someone she was taking care of.

It didn’t end there as she denied dating Ike when one of the hosts Nedu assumed she was referring to their publicised relationship.

In a swift response, Ike debunked the claims that a woman ever took care of him while they were dating.

“I am responding to this, because it’s obvious that the producers of this podcast can’t pay for ads to promote the dead podcast, so as usual, they look for who to attack to indirectly promote their dead podcast, well congratulations you have Triggered perfectly, for over two years my image and reputation have constantly been dragged to the mud,” he wrote.

“So it’s time to swim with pigs. I am making a bold statement that no lady whosoever has taken care of me. If anyone claims otherwise they should bring out receipts of one thing they have done. I have been quiet because I don’t also want to expose so many people including the show.”

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So I intentionally allowed myself to be ridiculed, but that era is over. People that can’t take care of their family coming out to chat s**t about me, @nedu_wazobiafm and @prettymikeoflagos please be careful how involve yourself in things you have no idea of the background story.”

I respect both of you but I would not hesitate to call you guys out if I’m being disrespected to please your principals and the bosses that hired you. This should be the last time anyone would use me to count cheap scores.”

I would start dropping receipts and exposing everyone if this continues. I have enough receipts to go around and everybody go collect. Enough is enough!!!!! A word is enough for the wise!!!!!”

Mercy Eke and Ike Onyeoma started a whirlwind relationship during the BBnaija season 4 when they were both housemates.

Eke went on to win the show and the two carried on a much publicised relationship even starting a reality show together tagged “Mercy and Ike show.”

However, Mercy Eke shocked fans on 3rd November 2020, when she announced she has broken up with her co reality star boyfriend Ike Onyeoma.

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